What I learned in the last 3 days

I like to drive fast…I love watching squad cars drive really fast with their lights and sirens and their attennas whipping backward.  I drove fast on my way home from Kansas City.  I think it would be more fun in a car than in the small truck..or at least with 8 cylinders ahead of me.

I should go away more often…it is always good to get a little perspective and realize what ants we are…we are not really that important in the scheme of things.

Boston and Chicago got me home the last hour on I35….boring

Old friends are very important.

My daughers are incredible, strong women.

I want to retire and travel…

I really would like to be a cop…but only so I can drive fast with lights and sirens and a whipping antenna…oh…and so I can carry a gun…I don’t like to feel vulnerable.

Respect for each other is the key to a successful society.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “What I learned in the last 3 days

  1. @Ninasusan – Were you driving?I’d say my highest was in the 90s and I wasn’t a cop driving a squad car.  I was a twenty-something driving a Chevy Caprice on the interstate, late for college.You aren’t going to arrest me, are you??? 


  2. @skanickadee – somewhere around 110 in a squad car trying to catch up to a speeder…makes so much sense…


  3. I used to like to drive fast but I am not fond of tickets so I reign it in.  :- D  So what is the fastest you have ever driven?  I wish we had more time to travel.  We used to drive anywhere and everywhere just on a whim.  Not anymore, we just don’t seem to have it in us.  Maybe we drove ourselves out when we were younger?


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