The Powder Room

Well, here are the pictures…the camera colors are just not true as I found out with the green room…here’s before


it was actually pepto bismal pink and we added the green because there was a black paint line around the entire bathroom that we knew was going to be hard to cover up…plus…I thought I was going to paint this color in the bathroom until I realized there were no windows and this would be way too here he is starting the trim work – without taping woodwork, I might add….


and here’s what it ended up looking like.  The floors are black marble tile…

IMG_1844 IMG_1847

I’m working on all of the accumulated crud in all of the other rooms that has accumulated over the last couple of days…then off to work…going to play a little more with the Cricut…obviously it is going to take some time to learn all of the creative possibilities…soooo….

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “The Powder Room

  1. Oh pretty.  I like the colors.  The trim looks good.  Nice bathroom.


  2. It really looks lovely Nina!  I don’t know how your hubby can paint without taping. We had paint all over.  I still have paint on one of my socks. 


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