I just sat down in the chair and obviously not busy because I immediately went to XANGA.  I think I left off Saturday night with the racing…We got the bathroom painted.  I love the color…Kelsey Island green..I will post pics later…He once again did all of the trim work and didn’t even have to tape the woodwork.  The pepto bismal pink with a black stripe is gone.

Sunday night we decided to go to Des Moines to eat supper at IHOP.  I love that place..especially love the butter pecan syrup…I’m getting ahead of myself..while driving to DesMoines/Ankeny he asked me if I got the message from Deb?  She called to say that Cricuts were on sale at Michaels for $99.99 down from $199.99.  The Ankeny store was sold out but they called the Des Moines store and they still had a few in stock but were closing in 5 minutes…DAMN.  We got up early this morning and drove back up to get one..yippee…then went to IHOP again and had the same thing we had the night before 🙂

After a nap, I put the second coat on the bathroom walls and now I”m back to work for a wonderful 6 days.

Until next time…..

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  1. How exciting to get a new look for your bathroom!Congrats on getting a Cricut!I haven’t been to IHOP in years.  The ones around here don’t seem to be too nice.  I did make pancakes for dinner last night and they were really good!6 days – yikes – I don’t know how you do it.


  2. We have no IHOP, and very few other restaurants like that in our neck of the woods.  .  Sometimes I really want to go to an Olive Garden or IHOP or something like that!     Oh! Have fun with your Cricut!


  3. Those Cricuts are so cool!  I saw an infomercial for one, and I WANTED it!  Enjoy!


  4. Sounds like a very productive week end.


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