Keepin’ on

 The weeks just seem to run into each other…oh..ya…they really do.. I had one day off between my two 6-day weeks.  I can’t really bitch because I volunteered for the OT but it doesn’t make it any shorter….I was especially irritable last night…my first night back and I’m trying to off the sugar.  “He”‘s been told to do a high protein,low carb diet for his colitis so I”m doing it too.  I”m obviously more addicted to sugar than he is because I was a low flying witch my first night…plus my sleep was disturbed on Sat because I stayed up to work an Animal Rescue League fundraiser-garage sale.  I have to say, I experienced a couple of heart warmers….we had a donation jar sitting on the table…and several times young girls stopped by to put a dollar in the jar…this surprised me..a couple of these teen girls had the whole teen look going on with piercings, tats and wierd clothes…this was very refreshing for me….perhaps animals in need brings on a universal sign of caring.

A lady came from South Des Moines today to look at the pop-up camper..she’s going to check on financing and get back to us.  My fingers are crossed.  While he was out putting up the camper, he got to deal with Helen who came to the door wanting him to take her to the ER because her cough is just getting worse.  1) I didn’t know she had a cough; 2) it didn’t appear to be life threatening; 3) he told her to call an ambulance because he couldn’t take her right then.  She obviously didn’t go the doctor nor is she sick…she called me about an hour ago sounding chipper wanting me to order her some more melaleuca hand lotion.  The topper with Helen this week was she rolled over her cell phone with her hover round and it couldn’t be repaired…so she asked me to get her one. I knew that cell companies just don’t give away cell phones without renewing contracts and she had just renewed a couple of months ago when she got her new cell I got on ebay and found one that was very simple to use and it was refurbished..I payed $22.99 for it.  When I called her she didn’t like the idea of a used cell phone and had me assure her several times that it was okay…I said the only person you call is Aunt Frances at night – it should be fine…..Friday….She had Dana take her to the cell phone store where she bought a new cell phone.  Kim made the comment that it seems that no matter what I do for her, she’s not happy … she does the opposite…so be it…I know I say this every time…but I’m done…..why do I keep letting her pull this BS with me?

Reservations made for camping with Brett and Christa and Karen and Debbie for the 15th and motel reservations made in Chicago mid June when I meet Skinakadee, Tracy and Erin….

By the way did you see the “Play dead” on Letterman the other night..what a hoot

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Keepin’ on

  1. That video was very funny…Conversation with Marc:Marc:Do you think you could get KC to play deadMe: NoMarc: I bet I could…..heheheMe:


  2. I had seen that Letterman show but it was good to see it again. Thanks.You just never know what is behind a person’s facade.  Nice people come inside of a lot of weird and different packages and really bad people can come in the most polished packages, like the Craigslist killer.  You just never really know.


  3. I learned a very quick lesson about the tatted pierced dressed in black with funky hair people, when my daughter became one. 😉  Now I just think they’re adorable.  Which I’m sure aggravates some of them.


  4. I sure do wish we could get the camper, but E may be laid off for about 8 weeks — works at a GM parts manufacturer, and what little $$$ we have may be even shorter then. Please say a prayer. I love working at animal rescue events. The pets are wonderful. My three have all been rescued animals….and I’d take them all home if I could.Have fun and when you’re in Chicago let us know. We’ve ben talking about a weekend trip — so maybe…


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