I can never remember

While tooling around doing whatever it is that I do in a day (one never knows or remembers), I think of things that I have a strong feeling about and think…you know…I think I’m going to write about that tonight….and here I sit dumbfounded.

I will say it has been raining and raining and raining.  I don’t remember April like this when I’m in March..but come the end of April…I always think…damn…why don’t I save myself the angst and just remember it is going to be rainy.

I’m finding myself quite content just to be…do have a few stressors with the job..but more on that later.  I do wish I had a scrapbooking day coming up this week…could use the peace…I’ve become a facebook gamer addict.  I’m almost embarassed to admit I play Pirates, Mafia and Farm Town with a passion…several times a day.  I used to hate computer games…waste of time…you know the drivel…I’m hooked…

I have had a couple of cat issues this week…one I’m going to just let go…lets just say he’s either a brilliant cat or just has a “whatever” attitude.  The other thing is Baxter has found himself a girlfriend – it is the cushy cat bed…I’ve been at a loss for what to do… Kris at the ARL told me tonight that in a neutered male, it is probably just a sign of dominance…someone else said if he was neutered later in life, he’s just reliving his past catting around lifestyle.  I’m just glad he’s not humping my leg the way some dogs do…but I probably shouldn’t speak too soon.

Looking forward to camping in a few weeks with Karen, Debbie, Brett and Christa..also looking forward to a trip to Bennett Spring at the end of the month…I’m looking forward to work on flower beds during my days off this week…if mother nature will cooperate..otherwise…I’m just content to Be…..

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “I can never remember

  1. Sounds like life is good where you are at and that you relaxing and enjoying.  Well thank good ness baxter isn’t out making babies.  Fuzz is a female and she came into heat at 4 months and was spay right after.  She has remained kitten like even at 11 years.


  2. I have great blogging ideas before I fall asleep and when I wake up – they are gone.  Oh well.I tried Farm Town.  Everything died because I didn’t play enough.  I know a lot of people play Mafia Wars.  I just can’t get into it.Lots of rain here, too.  It is too wet to be in the yard.  It is too wet to be anywhere.


  3. You sound content   Nothing wrong with computer games.  I have several that I love.  I haven’t dived in to farm town yet.  I have my pet in Pet Society…..I’m hooked on that I must admit.  I have 4 rooms in my house there now that I have decorated and I keep buying it clothes.  Crazy.    I think we all get antsy in April and forget that it’s usually not terrific weather, but it’s just around the corner that we’ll be complaining about the heat


  4. You should be content to watch SCRUBS! :)I love you Nina!Sorry to hear that you may be giving one up….. 😦    That is always hardYou should add one more teeny tiny stressor to your life……. itsty tinsy…….not even noticeable stressor………maybe you know what I am talking about……boss  


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