My son-in-law got his race car tonight.  It is a mini-sprint…several tracks in Iowa support this series of racing.  He is a huge race fan whether it be NASCAR or sprint cars…he loves everything about was passed down from his dad…

This car came from Caly-fornia.  It was delivered about 1/4 mile away from their house – they live on gravel…big semi pulls up and has to unload 2 of the 5 cars and 1 m/c to get the racer out.  Pickup trucks with flashers were stationed at each hill as a warning.  It was quite an event.  I just hope he is safe!!

Which brings me to tonight’s ponderance….why are some of us willing to jump out of airplanes for sport or career, why do some of us have no problem dangling above the world building buildings, climbing towers, cutting limbs off trees, roofing houses, flying to the moon, running into burning buildings, take a gun wilding psycho with hostages down…and some of us are content with a good book on the couch with the golden retriever at our feet in front of the fire…what makes some love adventure and some abhor and fear leaving their town…why do crazy people have normal kids and why do God fearing christians have murderers…what makes one sign up to defend our country while others flee to Canada …are they afraid or are they making a statement.  Who carries a sign during an arbitrary civil issue and who says…ya, whatever…what exactly makes us who we are …. is it nurture or nature…is it tomato or tomotoe

Until next time….

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  1. My SIL is a speed guy.  Cars, bikes, helicopters…go fast go fast…scares the heck out of me!!!!


  2. I used to jujmp off of hills with a hand glide attached to my back when I was younger, and out of planes with a parachute strapped on my back to feel that feeling of freedom.  I loved riding on the back of a Harley and laso driving my own chopped down hog.  I skatboarded down steep hills and roller bladed at the age of 39 down a steep hill and broke my wrist and still decided it was well worth it.  At the age of 60, it ain’t happening.  I ride on four wheel son the ground at all times and wear sensible walking shoes to make sure I don’t and fall.Age changed it all.


  3. Oh exciting! Race Car! Neato! I had a friend that said “pudayda’s”.  for potato.  Used to make me nuts – inside my head of course.   I’m more inclined to be the good book on the couch with the golden – but every now and again I get this wander lust going and I want to hit the road – although I haven’t yet actually acted upon such inner urgings.  I always wonder if someday – when I’m on the interstate – if I’ll just snap and escape and just keep on driving ’til the road ends.


  4. I hope your sil enjoys his new car — SAFELY!Wow that is a big question.  I guess I would have to say it is 50 – 50, unless there is abuse and that changes the game.  I think when abuse is involved the child’s brain changes so much that the person who would have been there without the abuse will never be seen.I think these extreme sports people are hard-wired differently than the rest of us.


  5. That is one to ponder……let me sleep on it and get back to you. Maybe the answer will come to me in my sleep….


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