I wonder why so many people have not learned to control their anger…or maybe I should say their anger reaction.  I always stuffed my anger … out of fear I would do something to stir it up with mom and dad…then because my mother didn’t approve of my anger…then because if I got mad my dad got even madder…then I got married…more of the same.  He’s instant anger…my festers…his is over after it blows…watch out because I haven’t even begun to blow.  Reaction to anger…I’ve been dealing with other people’s anger for the better part of 25 years…some people who call 911 are scared, some are sick, some are looney but the majority are pissed about something.  Anger isn’t the biggest problem, though…I think wanting to win is the catalys for not shutting up or not controlling the anger…the louder you are, the more intimidating you are…the meaner you look, the more insecure your sparring partner will be.  If you get mad enough, someone could die…although I believe anger is killing us in so many ways…I especially think repressed anger takes it’s toll…holding it in is not healthy for me; but yelling and screaming may not be healthy for you….

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  1. It is a hard emotion to deal with and I think a lot of people really haven’t had good examples of how to handle it.  


  2. So true about holding it in only making it worse.  When I first felt safe enough to express anger was after I got out of an abusvie marriage, I was told I was scarey, but I eventually learned how to get rid of it in a constructive way that didn’t scare people.


  3. Amen to that.  I have only recently begun to actually BE angry about things….Rumor has it I’m a little scarey – like poking a bear with a stick one too many times.  Ah well.  It’s only directed at a certain few.  The boy has some anger issues – being bullied for much of his life – makes me worry.    Anger – hmmmm.  I read a book once called “The Dance of Anger” –  but now I can’t remember anything it said.  I guess it was all about healthy controlled anger. 


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