Seems mother just can’t help herself

The stars seem to be more aligned tonight šŸ™‚

My boss had a motorcycle accident tonight.  He had just gotten the bike last weekend and didn’t even have it licensed yet.  He’s going to be fine although he messed up his right wrist and will be having surgery on it in Des Moines..I assume tomorrow…He hit a dog named Lucky on the highway.  Thank goodness he wears a helmet..other than the wrist injury, it seems he may have some road rash…

What I really didn’t want to talk about yesterday was “the” mother….while we were in Ohio with Katy, she couldn’t stand it anymore at Aunt Frances’ house and complained of abdominal,chest, leg and hip pain….she covered nearly all of the basis..she went to the hospital..apparently she was a nasty patient and refused to leave the hospital even though after exhaustive and expensive tests, they determined nothing was wrong with her.  As Jenny calls it, I put the slapdown on her…I told her that she wasn’t coming home and was going to have to go to assisted living.  She gave me a list of professional people that I should call who will tell me how good she is doing.  I called them…they support me 100% saying there is no way she should live alone.  Have no idea what she and Aunt Frances cook up by I pray that it will involve her staying in Des Moines…Judging from past experience, I’m guessing they won’t tell me what the plan is until it is completed and then expect me to do the grunt work and the dirty work to get them set.  It will be at my convenience now…I’m so sick of them both….

The weather was beautiful today…I just wanted to be outside..I took Frannie for a short 10 minute walk and then after dinner, he and I took Frannie and Sierra on another little 10 minute walk.  I am SOOOOOO out of shape it is embarrasing.

Tracy is coming back to Newton.  I am so excited to see her. 

Working tonight…well, barely working but I’m here.  Nice, quiet night…I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

Until next time…..

9 thoughts on “Seems mother just can’t help herself

  1. @tracy – we have a nice mex restaurant…that works for me if it works for you guys…and if we do it Tues…my him doesn’t have to work and I don’t either so I could drink a margarita… my Katy is a vegetarian also…I lived vegetarian last weekend šŸ™‚


  2. @Ninasusan – WooHoo!  It is in fact, my him.And he would love to have a nosh with us.  However I must warn you, my him is a vegetarian who does not eat Chinese or fried food!  How does one feel about Mexican food? 


  3. @Jenny – Sorry Jenny…I like smackdown a lot better than slapdown!!!


  4. @tracy – Whose the man??? Come on tell?  If it is your “him”…my “him” can come too…in fact my “him” is off on Tuesday..


  5. I’ve thought of that before.  Suddenly having undiagnosable symptoms so I can take a little break. šŸ™‚  I would not be nasty when I was there though, just sleepy.  Smackdown is an excellent word.  I have had, on occasion, had to put the smackdown on people.  We will have at least 30 minutes of serious conversation, then at least 30 mintues of snorting laughter to work out the kinks.  I will start the list of laughable subjects.  1. People at work.  Can we go to the Chineese Buffet?  I’ll be hungry on Tuesday or Thursday and eat like a pig!  Will Amanda go with us?  Will she eat Chineese?  Does she eat? I have a secret, there will be a man in my room, but I’m not letting him out.


  6. I actually said Smackdown not slapdown


  7. Glad your bosses accident wasn’t worse!  Will he ride again after he gets fixed up?  A biker friend once told me it isn’t if you fall off of your bike it is when because everyone eventually falls.Oh boy – it sounds like the thing with your mom is a disaster.  I hope it all works out very soon.Hopefully this time there will be no snowstorm when Tracy comes into town!    Have a wonderful visit!


  8. Sounds rough! Hang in there! Great that you get to see Tracy soon!


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