It is Wednesday morning…hump day for most…I’m feeling rather disjointed as we speak.  Lots of things going on…none of them in itself worth getting all pent up about…but together…they are leaving me feeling drained, unorganized, fearful of the future…all of those great negative vibes….

We flew out to see Luke and Katy on Friday and flew back into Des Moines on Monday…we had a good time with them…played lots of board games… an Uno game that went on for many hours was the talk of the weekend…none of us had ever been in an UNO game for so long…seemed the problem was that we had gone thru the pickup pile so many times, that somehow we had all accumulated the same colors in our hands…in other words…I was holding nearly all blue – Luke had nearly all yellow etc…about 1:30 am we finally quit and vowed to play the next morning…it was a long game too but “he” pulled out victorious…normally I would have been a little bummed that I didn’t win…but I was so glad to have the game over

Working on wine bottle cozys…gives me a lot of thinkin’ time…

Long week this week…working 7 shifts and then I get to scrapbook!!!!

Until next time….

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  1. Hope you’re feeling better about things by now.  I know that feeling.  Glad you got to take a little trip!Kathi


  2. Hope everything turns around and positive vibes abound.  :- )


  3. I’m sorry Ms. Nina.  I hope things even out soon.  Would you & Ms. A be available for dinner next, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?


  4. Think positive thoughts — the negative ones will slide away!!! Hugs, as always, Niki


  5. thinking time is a double edged sword.  it’s hard to not let the negative fearful thoughts into our brains.  lots of things to think about in this day and age…it can be scarey sometimes. I get the whole disjointed feeling…..  The wine cozy’s sound cool!  Glad you got to go visit  


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