I’m thinking it is time to switch satellite companies again…I think our contract with Direct is up in June.  Seems there are always great offers for new customers but they never want to offer a “great” deal to current customers to keep their business…seems something wrong with that picture.  I need to get a DVR on the upstairs TV before “he” has to have the remote control surgically removed from his ass.   “He” is Lord and God over the TV…..I have decided that I am no longer going to “ask” if I can watch a TV show….WTF…if I can’t get out of our contract or if they won’t cut me a deal, I’m going to pay almost $250 so I can have a DVR on the upstairs TV…then he can watch whatever the hell he wants to watch and I won’t have to walk on egg shells when I have to “ask” if I can watch something that interests me… he can take his big bully mentality and enjoy it all by himself.

Avis, “his” mother gets out of the nursing home today.  She will have to have home speech therapy but I’m guessing she will be glad to be freed… his brother will be staying there with her…not sure what the ulterior motive is there but then again…I don’t really care as long as I don’t have to deal with them.

Miss Minnie seems to be settling in pretty well…she’s now hanging around downstairs with us and all of the critters..she still has a bit of fear when humans walk toward her but there has been definate improvement.  They had a cat nip treat today…I love to watch them…just wish I knew what the cat nip made them feel like and then I wish that there was legal cat nip for me…

I am so looking forward to scrapbooking with Karen and Deb on Thurday.  I enjoy our time together and that is where I am finding my “happy” time.

Until next time…..

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  1. When I called our internet service provider, Comcast, and told them I was switching to AT&T they rolled out the offers.  Never mind that I had been a customer for years and they never did anything except provide crummy service.  I went with AT&T and the service is so much better.We live in the dark ages and don’t have DVR or cable or satellite, so all 4 tvs are all equally minimal.That is good that the kitty is getting more comfy.  Enjoy your scrapbooking!


  2. I’ve been a little remiss the last week on my xanga commenting, so this may seem out of place, but here goes anyway.  HOLY SHIT!  You could serve tea off those puppies!I’m glad his mom is going home, and regardless of the motivation not to an empty house.I had to explain to my husband (or was it my son, I dunno) the whole scrapbooking phenom.  It’s not my thing, but anything that gets you out and having fun with other people is a very good thing!


  3. The satellite does not hold up in thunderstorms either…..Glad to hear that Minnie is getting along well!!!….You crazy cat lady you!!!!!


  4. Lots of companies seem to have great deals only for new customers, which always annoys me.  Don’t they realize we would rather stay, with a little incentive?


  5. Grrr – the man/remote thing is MADDENING!  Good luck with that saga!  Glad the new kitty is settling in.  That can be touch and go I would bet with cats.  I’m afraid of satellite – does it hold up in winter storms okay?  Do you still get good reception?


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