Ohhhhhh, love the new theme page …. didn’t take me long to select it this time…wasn’t like a I usually do and almost make it a new vocation….

Brett says butter, butter, butter in yesterday’s recipe…speaking of butter..holy Iowa State Fair butter cow, batman,

buttercow I gained 5 pounds over the holidays…I knew I had gained something because my neck is no longer holding up my head..it appears my head totally sits on my shoulders.  I’m just thankful we are this close to New Years otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it for a year for my new years resolution.

To help matters, I don’t even have to get my *## off the couch now to vacuum.  We went to Des Moines last night and bought a roomba… I’m freakishly excited…for the cleaning issue and also for the six 4-legged critters reaction.

I’m working tonight and so is “he”… I may take a picture of Hugh Jackman for midnight….

I’m drinking a cup of coffee in my cobalt blue coffee mug that has a Toledo Lighthouse on it…I love it, Tracy….

Well, I’m off to the couch to read my roomba directions and patiently wait.

Happy New Year everyone if I don’t get back here….don’t forget to designate a driver!!!!


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  1. Oh! Let me know how you love the roomba!  I would be freakishly excited too!    I was the designated couch sitter for awhile – then I moved to my recliner next to my sleepy big man and imbibed some.  We both made it upstairs okay.   


  2. good post…love to read you! Happy New Year, blessings…sage


  3. NO NINA!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Not you too…….those roombas are going to take over the world!


  4. Happy New Year Nina!  I hope you have a good evening despite having to work.You’ll have to let me know how your roomba works.  I’ve always wanted one.Thanks for being such a wonderful Xanga pal!


  5. You’re quite welcome.  It’s a small part of the thanks I owe you for being so wonderful when I was there.I can’t wait to hear how the animals react!


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