Sooo…you start out with two piece of foil per person…you have fileted trout, bacon,sliced raw potatoes, carrots, onions and any other veg your heart desires…at the stream, we also used turnips….potatoes, carrots, onions on the bottom, you wrap a strip of bacon around each of the filets and put them on top…a few pats of butter and throw in some cut up oranges – probably about 2 wedges a piece…wrap it up and bake or grill it for an hour plus.  We used to call these hobo dinners when we used hamburger.  Fixed with trout especially good…ahh.

Brett made these for all of us last night – he is perfecting the recipe…the oranges added a wonderful flavor.

Katy is going shopping with her friend, Becky today..He and I are going to Des Moines to meet her and do a little shopping…I’m feeling really weak…I want an Iroomba really bad ….will probably break and get one.  Aaron from work got one for Christmas and is especially impressed…Kim only wants one if it will also fetch a cool beverage for her from the kitchen 🙂


Until next time….

4 thoughts on “

  1. we would kill one with all the hair in the house.  poor thing would choke to death I’m positive!


  2. I’ve always wanted one too.  I am 90% sure that it would become the worlds most expensive dog toy though. 😦


  3. i want to know how to just COOK


  4. I want an iroomba too!  I wonder what my cats would think of it.


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