Christmas officially over at our house.  Today he took down the tree and put all of the boxes back in the storage cubby…I found the tart burner that I put away and couldn’t find so everything is back to normal…well, with the exception of Kate’s room but it looks normal or like it did when she was in high school 🙂

Marc was ahead of me 13 games from the regular season of football.  I, now, owe him a 12 pack of Diet Coke.  Now the playoffs begin and we just made our picks for this weekend….He’s goin’ down, I’m tellin’ ya.  Marc is msmandylee’s husband….

Brett and Chris are coming tonight (Monday) for a trout dinner.  They are bringing the fixins…not quite as good as frying fish in the campground but I won’t complain!!

No precip…weather is reasonable winter temp…life is good.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “

  1. I don’t care who wins…I just want Mac Bar and Grill!


  2. Christmas was nice, but good to get things back to normal


  3. I hope to get everything back the weekend after New Year’s – hopefully won’t be as late getting it put away as I was getting it up!


  4. Sounds like a kind of normal that I could get really used to…. Enjoy!


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