50-27 retired as of this morning at 0200.  27 and I started 3 months apart back in 84.  As he has always reminded me, he is a couple of years my junior.  His final 10-42 or ending tour of duty, affected me like a stab in the heart…it’s not that we haven’t had our issues…we had several disagreements over the years and a few were actually with him yelling at me and pointing his finger…and I always retaliated by pointing “a finger” at him as he was exiting the room. 20 years ago, we stood up with our friends when they got married.  She is my BFF, Kim and her husband is the sheriff.  They had a small get together in a hotel here after the ceremony.  50-27 and I got there first in to make sure things were in order…we were in the motel room together…I went to the bathroom to change into comfortable clothes and I was truly uncomfortable with the situation.  Things have obviously changed over the last 20 years…not that I would strip down in front of him now…but over the years I have been cured  of my modesty…we have had some great conversations, some sordid conversation, some honest conversations about our relationships and our lives…our oldest daughters went all the way thru school together…and we have had some great political arguments.  We are both dems…he – a lot more conservative and I’ve always thought he was a dem in Rep clothing…He has never been afraid to insult my liberal hippy ways.  But down deep inside, seems we have always connected.  He leaves the sheriff’s office as a LT…and from here he goes to a seat on the Board of Supervisors…he was elected in November. So, perhaps, our relationship just moves to a different level.  He will still be at my beck and call as a volunteer for the Kellogg fire and ambulance…where I”m known as the midnight voice from hell.  I will miss 50-27 and as he reminded me tonight, his number will eventually be reassigned…I hope not until I’m retired because there will be only one 50-27.

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