10 days at Bennett Spring

The weather was wonderful.  We did have rain one evening and again in the middle of the night a couple of nights – otherwise the sky was blue with wonderful fall days.  We were there with Brett and Christa.  Brett’s mom and dad; and then Christa’s brother and sister-in-law came from Rockford, IL; then Brett’s brother and niece drove down from Pella, Iowa so there was always something going on.  B and C and his folks initially camped on a double site then when they left – we moved the pop-up over to their site…still up…what an adventure.  We ate fish, antique shopped several days – drove nw of Springfield, MO for an auction – traveled with the group to the Bass Pro shop in springfield on another day and ate at Lamberts south of Springfield.  This is the throwed roll restaurant.  After you order your entre – waiters and waitresses circle the restaurant with bowls of sides and warm rolls – you want a roll – you stick your hand up in the air and catch it.  A really fun place.  If you are ever in the Branson/Springfield area, it is worth the trip…I think there are 2 or 3 in the area.  In case you see familiar faces from my pics (because I’m always looking for the 6 degree connections), you can go to my Facebook philninab@gmail.com where I have more detail attached to the pictures.

It is good to be home.  Got a phone call at 0730 this morning from Aunt Frances…something was wrong with my mother – she was unresponsive…Aunt Frances had already called an ambulance.  Things weren’t normal – she was sitting on the side of the bed in an awkward position but she swore she was fine and then would fall back to sleep sitting up…she was down right nasty to the amb crew and refused to let them take her pulse or her b/p…I finally told them I would sign a release that she refused care.  I finally got her back into bed “laying down” against her will.  She would wake up long enough to be irritable and say she was okay and then off to sleep again.  I think there is something going on there but told Aunt Frances to keep and eye on her and let her sleep for awhile and we would make a decision later.  Aunt Frances, apparently, has just told her that she is moving back to Des Moines at the end of November.  Aunt Frances gave her a good year at home – out of the nursing home – she needs to get back to her own life and her own church – have no idea what will happen to mother.  I’m guessing she will be going back to the nursing home…I won’t offer her a bedroom at our house this time…last time she indicated that being stuck in a bedroom here would be just as bad as a nursing home.  ahem…ya.

Well, I go back to work tonight for 1 night – I need to get some sleep even though it is afternoon.  I’m slowly going to get caught up on your blogs…I have no idea what is going on in anyone’s life…so…until next time…..

3 thoughts on “10 days at Bennett Spring

  1. Sounds like so much fun!   Welcome home!


  2. That sounds fun.  Maybe I will try to get my sister to go there with me since she lives in Kansas City.  But I am so clumsy I would not get many rolls at the restaurant.  That wouldn’t hurt me.  Good luck with the mom situation.  It seems a bit tricky.


  3. Uhg!  Nothing like a nice welcome home. 🙂  I bet it’s fun when people bring their dogs on vacation.  You get to have a whole new set to play with for awhile, with none of the clean up.


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