The surgery

The surgery went well – I had not one but two torn meniscus…they were repaired…I had a spinal rather than general anesthesia so my chances were better of getting off the table alive.  The spinal is kind of like novacaine…you know it starts wearing off slowly and then by evening you have to take some ibuprofin or tylenol for some pain…..In this case, the spinal completely wore off while we were sitting in the Hyvee Deli waiting for my prescription to be filled at the Hyvee Drugstore…I flashed back to May 31st – the night of the tree-falling accident and my trip into Hyvee holding onto “him” because I couldn’t walk but was determined to get some donuts….

I was on vicodin x2 every 6 hours.  in the afternoon I fudged and took 2 after 5 hours….I really didn’t feel good…and they told me to start my leg exercises right away – ya…in your dreams.  Today I was a little better – my knee didn’t hurt while I was sitting just when I would try to get up and walk….

This morning I broke the toilet upstairs – there isn’t a whole bunch of room between the front of the toilet and the closest ahead of it – so I would grab onto the wall ahead of me and push against the tank of the toilet in order to get up…well, this morning – water started spurting out from under the tank…it could have been the gettin-up or the falling down onto it….so…stop reading now if my tales of truth are usually too much for you  in the form of TMI….

Now I’m hovering.  I figured I could lift up the seat and lean over and kind of hover instead of totally sitting down…the only fear I have is Benny….he sits on the magazine rack and watches me and, quite frankly, it makes me uncomfortable… for you that don’t know – Benny is my cat – not my husband…

So…all is well – this will probably be my last night on vicodin…which is kind of unfortunate…it really relaxes me – and I seem to really enjoy things a lot more – I’m telling you…pizza has never tasted as good as it did last night…I savored every bite…the taste, the texture – so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when he brought me a piece of desert pizza

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “The surgery

  1. Ooh, my husband flaked out on Vicodin after his surgery a while back.  It was really not good for him.  It didn’t relax him so much as turn him into a nervous frenzy.Hope the meniscus feels better soon.  I know that’s painful!


  2. I’m glad you’re home and already having escapades. Be careful!


  3. I am glad that surgery went well.  I hope you continue to have a good recovery!It is funny how pain meds affect people differently.  Both my hubby and son hated vicodin.  I’ve never had it.That cracked me up when you mentioned that Benny was your cat and not your hubby.  Take care – feel better!


  4. I am glad that your surgery went well!!!So,does your cat stare at you like he wants to attack you or stare at you to stare at you? It makes me uncomfortable when whitney watches me to……and sees me with no clothes on.


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