Lots of irons in the fire

All of my furry children are getting along well now…the felines were playing and chasing each other around the house today.  By the way…did anyone catch the “Dog Whisperer” 100 episode?  I love that Cesar is so emotional!!!  Probably why he understands dogs so well.

Baxter gets snipped today…I hate to have to take him in and leave him so soon…I don’t want to scare him or let him think he is being abandoned again.    The Baroness_fritinanci goes under the knife today too…good thoughts going her way….

Finally, I have knee surgery tomorrow (Tues)…I’m looking forward to it being over…

We saw Kate and Luke today (Sun) for like 5 minutes.  They drove from OH to NB for a wedding…they stayed with Ryan and Jenny Friday night and stopped at our house on their way thru this morning.  She took her electric piano with her…that was a pleasant surprise…opened up the space for a table for scrapbooking..he does his fly-tying on the desk I was going to use – but this will actually work better.

Fantasy Football sucks 🙂  Lots of surprises in the NFL today.  msmandylee’s husband and I have a little contest we started this week – we make our picks for the games and whoever is right the most gets a 20 oz pop.  I’m very pleased to tell you, I can’t play fantasy football worth the “s” word but guess who got the free pop when she got to work tonight.  The Monday night game doesn’t matter because we both picked the Jets to win. 

This is my last night for a few.  I’m off Mon,Tues,Wed nights for the surgery and the good drugs…then my 3 days off…then I took an additional 5 nights off – go back for 1 and have my regular 3 days off.  It’s a tough life 🙂  We would like to go to OH to see Kate and Luke the week that I’m off but have no idea what to expect for the knee and doc appointments – we all decided to just play it by the moment. 

Summer has been okay – Hello Autumn…lets watch mother nature show her stuff!

Until next time….



6 thoughts on “Lots of irons in the fire

  1. Good luck with your surgery!!!! Hope the meds work well….just sit back and relax on your days off!


  2. Prayers for your surgery , and I hope that you get to go see your children while off , take care


  3. Okay, I’ll be thinking good things for you, and the little furry ones!


  4. Good luck with your surgery.  Enjoy those meds!!!


  5. Oh, those fur kids!  Now if you could only teach them to fetch and carry for you afetr the surgery!  : )Hope it goes so well you have time to enjoy some of those days off!


  6. Glad the furry kids are getting along.    Good luck to Baxter.Good luck to you with the surgery!  I’ll pray for you to have an easy surgery and a fast recovery.


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