What happened to the kids and human services in Texas that the media choked us with information a few months ago.  These were the kids rescued from the commune due to abuse or what the state of Texas said was abuse but perhaps overstepped their bounds??  Didn’t have real evidence…I’m thinking perhaps had they actually done some investigating, they would have found some probable cause; but no – someone  went off half cocked….probably a pun in there somewhere.

Since we sit here in the heartland, I’m guessing we are just following the lead of the east or the west in newspaper blogs…Calling these things blogs, kind of irritates me – I suppose if I cared enough to look up the definition of blog, they might fit under the heading…but what’s the deal.  Our local newspaper with a daily monday thru Friday distribution is plum full of comments – especially about the police – and especially about the city of 15,000 in general…I’m talking about downright slanderous comments about cops, judges and the county attorney…in the beginning, I was shocked!!!  I don’t read them anymore other than an occasional check when something piques my interest and I want to know what the dirt bag, scum suckers have to say about it.  The one thing I did learn was that our society right now is bogged down with a bunch of punks who have no respect for authority, no humility, have never learned consequences for their actions and have such drug addled minds that they are mental midgets.  It’s scary……these are not normal, middle class, law abiding citizens with an opinion…these are the screaming idiots who call 911 every weekend for some current drama in their lives… these are the citizens that fill the county jail and a check of their booking records shows – unemployed.  These are the women who call the police at night because their kids won’t go to bed, their kids are mouthing off to them, their kids are out of control, their significant other just beat the crap out of them but they don’t want him/her arrested…they can’t understand that if they call the police about a domestic abuse – the officer has no choice to arrest if there are marks or signs of an assault – this is state law.  The domestic abuse laws are important – but the  women/men who really are abused or really need help never call – its the screamers who get tanked up and call every weekend with the same non-grammatical crap – he “done” this to me…or the 14 year old kids that calls at 3:45 in the morning – he just got home and his parents are sleeping – he needs an officer because some 8th graders at the party were threatening to beat him up.  WHY IS HE OUT WITH A BUNCH OF 8TH GRADERS AT 3:45 IN THE MORNING AND WHY IN THE HELL ARE HIS PARENTS SLEEPING.

Uh huh…off to work….

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  1. You must see and hear it all in your line of work! 


  2. maybe you should quit your job?


  3. AWWW where is all that hullabalu about all the children taken away from their parents???Who knows???Dont work too hard


  4. Sometimes I wonder what life would be if there was no reporters and newspapers reporting everybody’s laundry.  I have no problems with them talking about national events concerning our world, but what concerns me is it  everyone business to know what happens under someone roof?   Once when something hit home years ago and the local reporter was stationed outside my sisters home I called the station and said what right do you have to hound someone that has problems?  I then went to the courthouse because the ‘reporter’ said she would be at the court house for an update.   I spoke with her and said that she was intruding on a personal matter not to be made known for the whole world.   Yeah, I was a bit mean to her and stated that perhaps if they cameras shown how she looked from the waste down she would be consider a sleeze bag.   I mean, she had tight spandex and high heels that were meant to prowl on a street corner and too boot, red nail polish on her toes.   I said your image of you being a modest report is a joke.  You don’t even look like one from the waist down.  You know it’s all to sell a product someone else woes on tv.  Shame they have came down to this.  Yeah I was mean to her, even tho, that is her job that is expect of her, but some where, some how we have to draw the line and say “no” 


  5. People are mean online because there is no personal responsibility.  And I don’t understand parents who just let their kids run.Hope last night wasn’t too bad.


  6. I hope you had a quiet and lovely night at work!


  7. i agree with you! one summer the 15 year old girl  across the street was arrested for running away from home!


  8. I hate it when idiots like these waste tax payers’ money.  What’s even more frustrating is that since most of them are unemployed, they don’t contribute anything. 


  9. I agree!  Unbelievable what goes on.Kathi


  10. AMEN SISTER!  I read the blogs in the news paper and wonder who these people are. I always come to the same conclusion that you have. 


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