My new gliders!!!


Every spring, I white spray paint the large metal 70’s chairs that sit on our front deck…(I’ve posted this pic before).  They are about 10 years old and getting a little rusty around the edges….this spring, I just didn’t get the spray painting done…seems like it was either raining or had just rained when I thought about it..These chairs are so comfortable that I cannot get rid of them even though


We bought this tonight.(by the way check out how huge the hostas have grown this year)…Walmart had nothing this year – we hit Tractor Supply Co and found a glider that I loved – had the wrought iron scene in the back and it was on sale for $157 … loved it..but he suggested we hit the local True Value and Thiesens..found this glider at Theisens…it was $149.99 on sale – with an additional percentage off to make it like in the $120’s.  I decided that was an excellent deal – they had two left…hmmmm what kind of deal could I get if I bought both she pondered


A great deal…both for $202 and some change… it had been sprinkling as we drove from store to store but when we decided to buy, the heavens opened with a downpour…we got both of them in the back of my truck but they were rocky so we stopped at Walmart – I ran in to get bungee cords to tie them down…also while running thru the store – I picked up a couple of gray towels which will work in the upstairs bathroom; but, because he was already soaked and now it was pouring they were a neccesity …. we thought it was fun…on the way home he said…always an adventure, honey.

I’m drinking coffee – probably won’t go to bed for 8+ hours because I have to go back to work tomorrow night.  Will pay bills…and then the critters and I will curl up for my nightly Sex in the City marathon.

Life is good…

Until next time…..

8 thoughts on “My new gliders!!!

  1. i love them white chairs also we had them when i was a kid! if i were you i would keep them til they fall over! but i love the new glider also! what a buy! your hosta’s are beautiful! i like sex and the city also. believe it or not me and my husband watched the series faithfully on HBO til it ended.


  2. @Neppykate – she lives closer to you than I do – she’ll be right over for some “time-out”


  3. @tlm0000 – too bad. the top picture is amazing. There are fairies, dragons and all kinds of mystical creatures! 


  4. hmmm, nothing I do will allow that top picture to load on my computer.  I will just fill it in with my imagination.  Ooooo, pretty chair!  I use to have soem just like that but they were black.LOVE the gliders!


  5. I still have a chair that I have a pic of me sitting in it in 1952 LOL I spray paint it every Spring white also , I love it cause it was my daddys has to be at least 56 years old!I love Sex and the City


  6. NICE gliders!  Great deal!  Love those white chairs.  Can’t get rid of those!  I see the kitty in the picture.  


  7. Love the chairs!  I have two just like that, but bright yellow.  Right now they’re on the upper patio, but I’m not sure they’ll stay there.  Still playing around with stuff from the old house and where it fits in the new house.


  8. The gliders look great.  What a nice place to spend some time enjoying summer!


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