I’m working overtime this week so feel kind of numb…Monday night I went to the annual meeting of the Jasper County Animal Rescue League…I’ve been asked to fill a position on the board…it will be an appointed position which has to be approved by the county board of supervisors..so they told me that I’m on and they want me to attend meetings, etc but it has to be formally approved.

Tonight I attended a union meeting then Jenny and Ryan came for supper…we watched a little TV and let the dogs and cats entertain us before they went home and I came to work.

Dullsville – that is what it is…just trying to stay on track so I don’t burn out before the week is over….Occasionally I feel a flicker of fire under me but so far so good.

Until next time….

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  1. Your comment made me laugh.  I cannot begin to tell you how careful I have been with my food and drink!  I have five white shirts and one pale blue with me.I should have eaten and drank only clear or white food!


  2. I was over looking your site.   What a wonderful photos you have.  


  3. My little mutt is a rescue.  She makes sure to let me know how much she appreciates it too.  (heart)


  4. Your are awesome!!!!! Last night after the exciting Union Meeting I watched Year of the Dog and cried 90 precent of time and thought about you!


  5. You are a special person to work with the animal shelter folks.  I have done my part–adopted a neglected puppy who is still with us after 10 years!  But I will be honest–when he goes, there probably won’t be a replacement.  My cat is fairly easy to care for, but dogs are more needy, and I’ve had all my kids!  Maybe if I didn’t teach school all day, I’d have more energy for a pet.


  6. I’m with Tracy – that is way cool!  Go you!  And congratulations!My one little kitty is good for entertainment, too.  They sure add a lot to our lives, don’t they?  Craig says if there were reincarnation, he would want to come back as a housecat.  He thinks it doesn’t get any better than that.  LOL!Have a good day!


  7. That’s awesome about the animal rescue.  In July my boy and I have a meeting to set us up in a week volunteer position at our area shelter.  I hope it works out well.  I’ve felt the pull to do something in that area for a long time.  High time I do something about it.  Watching the dogs and cats is always good entertainment – at least in my house! 


  8. That’s pretty damn cool about being appointed to the board. Animal rescue takes a special kind of person with a huge heart and huge, well.  A lot of fortitude. Good for you!


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