80 degrees and sunshine…today is the big indy car race at the Iowa Speedway…should be about 40,000 attendees.  I worked it last year..one of the things that sent me scurrying off to midnights…that and weather and the cell phone heros that call everything in on the interstate including the 2 day old accident wrapped in yellow police tape…or even double wrapped in yellow police tape; and during the winter, double wrapped with 2 days of Iowa snow piled on top..but they just keep calling…not one, mind you..that would be understandable – 80 mph, road mesmerized, flash of semi rolled over – CALL.  We have even had people call 911 to report an accident when there is a fully marked squad car with cool flashing lights sitting beside it…how about the cell phone hero last night who called in a drunk driver northbound on a state highway not sure where they were other than somewhere in a 15 mile stretch between the mile long bridge across Lake Red Rock (not in my county) and the next closest town to the north which is on the county line…hmmm…but the best part is…..  No description…a car…thanks – that helps…Of course with all of the bad press that law enforcement and 911 dispatchers receive, we have to put this crap out to the officers or should the worst scenario happen and this phantom idiot kills someone, our litigous society would have it tied up in civil court for years – trying to reach into the deep pockets of a county…..had the caller really cared, he would have tried to help with a little more information …. instead of just wanting to be a cell phone hero.  Large car/mediumcar/small car, configuration of taillights or headlights…light or dark colored….Or the typical road rage call…someone pulled in front of me..I’ll show them…I’ll call the cops..or..someone has been tailgating me for 30 miles – 911 dispatcher:  at the next exit why don’t you pull off and let them get ahead of you…just sit and relax for a minute or so until they get a mile down the road and see if that helps..caller:  why should I have to get off the road..BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM, MORON.

Whew…glad I got that off of my chest. 

5 thoughts on “

  1. Got a real laugh out of those “cell phone heroes”.  Maybe that will be the next “Hero” on the TV show.  : )People are crazy, aren’t they?


  2. It’s good to get all that off your chest go ahead and let it rip!


  3. HAHA that is all so true. everyone wants to be the one who calls in the emergency. I love the “my neighbor’s house is on fire!” calls… when there’s already 4 fire trucks in front of the house with flashing lights, hoses stretched all over the place, and water on the fire!!!   ğŸ™‚


  4. Can’t wait to come back tomorrow! Thanks for letting me know what I have missed!


  5. sometimes you just want to scream don’t ya?


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