The fog may be lifting a bit…I spent a little while outside tonight picking up sticks…I ended up down at the bottom of the property admiring the weeping willow trees…he and I were trying to remember when we planted them … they are huge…maybe 10 years???  He thinks one of them has a willow branch drop diameter of 20 feet…they are gorgeous.  I always believe you can’t really appreciate a weeping willow unless you are standing under it and “feel” it surrounding you.  You other tree huggers out there will understand…everyone else…just take my word for it.

Brett and Chris are camping at Walnut Woods south and west of Des Moines this weekend.  I talked to both of them on the phone tonight (first time perhaps since New Years Day night???)  I didn’t know it until I talked to them but that may be all I needed.  They are like my family…we usually go to Bennett Spring with them but since it is so wet and the stream is so high this year, we may just be hanging out closer to home….I think “he” and I are going to go up Saturday after he gets up and just hang out around the campfire until he has to go to work.  The four of us are never at a loss for conversation.

Kate is flying home the 2nd week of June…just a few days late for her 21st birthday…she will only be staying a few days but I’ll take a few days over nothing.  She got a really good price for tickets flying into Des Moines.  Normally we all fly in and out of Moline because we actually save enough to drive the 2 hours…I get so irritated when they are spending money advertising that “we should be using the Des Moines airport” yet who can afford it…so much cheaper to fly out of Kansas City, Omaha and even Moline, Illinois.

Need to finish up some chores before I “get to” head off to work so until next time…..

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  1. I didn’t realize you did shifts.  I really would be sick all the time if I did that.  My body would never adjust to adjusting every week or so.  I admire you for doing that.


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