Ahhh Now I understand

For those of you new to my web site and missed my earlier life stories with dear old mom – you will probably just think I’m an insensitive person….and that will be your problem.

My mother just called me to come over to her house – it is 8:30 at night and it is 8 degrees above zero because she needs a light bulb changed in her laundry room….I said, it’s a little chilly to walk over there, mom…do you have to have the light bulb changed tonight and she says…well, it needs to be changed and Aunt Frances isn’t feeling good and doesn’t think she can reach it and I said…well, are you doing laundry tonight and she said NO…well, I took it upon myself to stand up for myself and said…well then, mom (you narcissitic old woman) I think that it can wait until tomorrow because it is too cold to go out now (ya and it is freeking 8:30 at night at I worked all day while you sat around and thought of things for me to do at 8:30 at night).

I feel better.



2 thoughts on “Ahhh Now I understand

  1. omg….roflmao at that comment above me……
    I know I’m why behind on reading your blog and making my comment….I personally don’t have this problem but was there every step of the way for some of my friends who dealt with this…..and to a mild degree with my mom and grandmother (my mom dealing with my grandmother)….it has to be a real pain in the pa-tootie and stressful. I sure hope things get easier/better. You keep standing up for yourself……
    God bless,


  2. You should have talked her through it. OK Mom, you can do it. First, drag a chair into the laundry room. No, not that one, too hard to push. Get the desk chair. That’s right, the one on wheels. Now push it in there. Good job. Ok, now grab that lightbulb and climb up on that chair. I know it’s kind of dangerous, climbing up on a chair on wheels with a phone in one hand and a lightbulb in the other but I know you can do it. Remember, you are superior in every way!!! Ok, are you up there? You made it? Whew! Ok screw in that lightbulb! What? You can’t reach it? Sure you can. Come on now, reeeeaaacccchhhh. Uh oh. Mom? Hello? Anyone?!


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