Salmon pattys

I love salmon pattys…always have…I love them so much that I can’t even figure out why someone wouldn’t like them.  I”m also very obscessive…I’ve been known to eat the same thing for several days in a row then never make it or eat it for years ie: ham balls.  I was making salmon pattys at work on the weekends until Kim cut out letters from a magazine, pasted them to a paper and sent it to “him” at home…it said “hide the salmon or the bitch gets it”.  So, I stopped eating salmon for awhile…then one day when Kim wasn’t working, I decided to take salmon for lunch…OH MY GOODNESS YA SHOULDA HEARD THEM…one of the task force guys ran in wearing a gas mask to see what was wrong…they used lysol…they whined…it was pathetic…but oh so amusing.  So…this morning, I decided to make and cook the salmon patty’s at home and take them to work to microwave.  Billy is the only one who appreciated the canned salmon smell – tried to get into the sink while I was draining it.  I carefully, put them together and cooked them…rinsed and cleaned everything that touched the salmon…

He gets home from work and calls me at work and says – that’s just not fair…WHAT….

IT STINKS IN HERE….I’m sorry…I tried to clean everything up…WELL, YOU DIDN’T CLEAN THE AIR.

🙂 Looks like my salmon days are over for awhile…at least until they all think they are safe again…..

6 thoughts on “Salmon pattys

  1. @coffeeiv – hahaha…ya, I don’t totally disagree…I was just humored by the reaction of the multitudes…I could have passed gas on a daily basis and not gotten the reaction…I work with a great group of people though and, I suppose, live with one too…so I know a lot of their screamin’ and hollerin’ is in good fun…I have to admit that when I went home last night – the house did stink….maybe I should just swear to not fry the patties during a season the windows can’t be opened……


  2. Just cant beat a well cooked salmon patty! I add crackers, minced onion , egg and salt-pepper then patty them up and fry YUMMO , Think I will make some later LOL


  3. Sorry but I agree with your work friends.  Fish should stay in the restaurants.  I can’t cook it without stinking the whole house, so I just don’t.  I can’t heat it up at work because who wants to walk into an orthodontic practice to have someone work in their mouth and it smells like fish? Uh-uh.  Not hap’nin’.But whenever we go out to a nice restaurant, that’s what I get – grilled fresh salmon, tuna, or whatever’s fresh.  I know some things are over-fished but it changes every other day and I can’t keep up.But this was a funny post. And now we have something to argue about, since otherwise, we agree quite a lot.


  4. Salmon is so good for you too.  I wouldn’t worry too much about all the whining and carrying on.  You eat your Salmon patties all you want to.  Of course the smell isn’t going to bother me so I can say that with lots of gusto!!!


  5. That happens when I cook tuna.  Though, frankly I’m with them on this one.  Salmon patties, not a pretty smell.
    I do the same thing with food.  I’ll make or buy or eat it over and over and over again, and then BAM not again for a year or two.


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