Batshit crazy dragonfly

So….in the safety of my own home this summer, I’ve had a cicada in the house and had to be rescued by Truman…then I had a largefellow try to take up residence in the curtains
Tonight I had two cats run through the house at warp speed to the deck door off the kitchen.  So, I followed because obviously they know something I don’t know.

Now I have a dragonfly storming head first into the glass of the deck door.  Over and over and over and I have two cats on the inside growling and scratching at the window.

Two questions…why is this stupid insect doing this and 2) it’s 2:00 in the morning, where is his mother?  Seriously.  Why is this happening.  it’s been going on for 20 minutes.

Friday night humidity

Closer to September 1st than August 1st so for some reason every night I set myself up thinking I’m going to step out the front door and it is going to feel like the 72 degrees that my watch reports…not 72 degrees with 94% humidity…..and every night between 11P and 2A, I say to myself…UGH !&$@!  Perhaps there is something I should be grasping here….

Each night I take Frannie out for her little relief break.  She lays in the kitchen doorway and always looks up when I let my recliner foot rest down….it can be several times during this late hour… fill my water  vessel, to reach for my IPAD, grab the remote…whatever……she looks up.  But, it’s not until I pick my phone up off the side table and slide it in my pocket or more likely down my shirt that she jumps up, toe nails scratching the tile floor and beats me to the door for her walk.

We don’t go very far (see temp72 degrees, humidity 94%) but that doesn’t seem to matter.  There are things to smell, places to squat and rabbits to get excited about.

Then we head back to the house and Truman is always sitting at the front door waiting for us.

Waiting to be knocked over and trampled by Frannie just as excited to get in the house as she was out.

As for Truman…maybe we need to talk…perhaps there is also something he needs to be grasping here!

Until next time….

Starlight, Starbright, I had better see a shooting star tonight!

Well, we did it again!  It was only two years ago when he and I and the him-in-law layed in the back of a pickup in a farm drive in the country so we could watch the Perseid meteor shower only to learn that it wasn’t right night.


We sat here last night until our necks ached and then I went out again after midnight because I refused to believe that we only saw 3!  We were looking up and we didn’t blink.  Before I went to sleep, I googled to make sure we had the right night and learned that best viewing is in the NE sky.  We were looking up not northeast…can that really make a difference…and I answered myself – apparently!!

We are going to a Royals game tonight.


Surely once we get out of the city after the game, we will be dazzled.  At least I’ll have on my sequined Royals cap so he will see flashes of light.

Its kind of like the week after Christmas…

Before the wedding our friends from Newton, Rod and Kim came for an overnight visit.


I was so looking forward to seeing them…then the weekend in Des Moines with family for the wedding and now I don’t know what to do with myself…sort of lonely.  We took Baxter and Truman to the vet yesterday for their annual shots.  Of course, true to form, Truman had to have a bath when we got home because the car ride stresses him out so much…at least he just peed in his carrier this time…oh…and Howled at the top of his lungs.


He is totally avoiding me today!

Tonight we have the Royals…and the stars!!!!

Until next time….