WHAT is that smell?

I’ve been layed up for a week. Okay..seriously I have a little red squiggly line under layed…it certainly is not lied up…maybe it’s laid up…yep…no line…but I’m using layed…

Anyway…I had big toe joint surgery last Tuesday…the doctor sent me home with a large prescription of pain medication. During an office visit a month before, I indicated to him that I’m not keen on taking pain meds….will I really need them? Well, the first couple of days anyway, was his response. To that response I now say..liar, liar pants on fire, hell yes you need to take the pain meds….I won’t belabor the painful journey I’m on…physical and mental pain. Here’s my footwear! Oh…just one foot…the other foot I wear a pair of shoes the same height….finding that combination has so far proved impossible.

So because I sit continuously in my nest.

I kept smelling something…it would come and go…so this morning, I leaned over and smelled the cats…each one separately…I smelled my shirt, I smelled the bed linens and the pillows, I reached down and smelled that foot contraption…then I opened the lid and smelled that box. That’s it. I smelled every book, every journal…every oracle card box…everything….and then everything was out of that box….except a rolled up paper towel…it was rolled up so I didn’t get the dripped tuna salad on anything Yesterday and making it nearly invisible at the bottom of the box. I mentally apologized to the cats because they don’t listen to me anyway but I just felt bad that I questioned their hygiene since they work so hard at keeping clean.

Until next time….

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “WHAT is that smell?

  1. Hahaha! Did you know that some meds enhance your sense of smell? Welcome to my every day life. I was born with what one of my friends refers to a a “bionic nose”. I smell things that other people swear I shouldn’t be able to. Like I knew there was a mouse in the office because I could smell it. Everyone laughed and asked what a mouse smells like. Well… It smells like a mouse dammit! I was justified when a mouse trap we didn’t even know was there snapped later that day!

    Having a bionic nose is often not a blessing…

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  2. It will probably be some time before tuna salad sounds good to you again. 😉
    The angle of the toe of your surgery boot looks like it would make it difficult to walk. Which seems to deFEET its purpose! I hope your toe will soon feel better!


  3. May be a long time before tuna salad sounds good to you again! 😉
    I have to say – the angle of the sole of your surgery shoe looks like it would make it hard to walk. I hope that’s not the case!

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