The word carries energy and sets up an expectation in the subconscious.

When I see a task as daunting, I’m already placing a label on it…I’ve given the narrative a title.

I believe this could be said of all words assigned to a thought or a task…no matter how small or large the “unknown” is or how close or how far down the road the journey. The act of “naming” is a great way to stir up the small, repetitive mind, reaching out to Samskara’s (Michael Singer, Living Untethered) and beginning that first ripple of distraction. Being alert that this map has been followed before allows us to make a change in our expectation before the breath changes and we recognize the oxygen of our soul thinning to breathlessness of fear and/or dread. It’s never too late to stop and recognize this is only a moment..and the road to possibilities is long and lush.

2 thoughts on “Daunting

  1. I agree that words are important, more important important than most people realize. Brene Brown’s book “Atlas of the Heart” is about the vocabulary of emotions, which links the right brain (emotions) with the left brain (language and logic). If you can change the word, even just to make it more precise, you can change the narrative, which can offer you courage. Even that breath-sucking, chest-collapsing feeling can be labelled and communicated and used as fodder for growth. Welcome back.

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  2. Puuuuurrrrr!

    Interesting that the first Selig series was called “Word.” So I would add the ingredients that everything is energy and it is the energy of the word, which we give all meaning to is the cause of the Samskara. The Samskara is the glitch in this Human experience. We are meant to experience feelings and emotions but we were never meant to embody or own the story behind the experience. In the higher dimensions there is no Language; all is telepathic.

    With all this said, I agree with you. The road to possibilities is long and lush; no matter what the situation is.

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