The Soul Beside Me

What are they thinking
What has their journey been
What scares them
What makes them feel happy
What makes them angry
Do they have family
Would they label their childhood happy or sad
Were they fulfilled or lacking as children
Who do they worry about
Who makes them throw their head back and laugh
Are they aware of emotional triggers
Do they want to be my friend
Do I want to be their friend
What about them has drawn my attention
Where do they work
Where did they work
Do they turn away from grief or work through it
What cuisine do they like
Do they cook or eat out
What is their favorite restaurant
Are they married
Do they have children
How many times have they moved
How far do they live from their childhood home
What would they list as sadness, anger, happiness, contentment
Do they like who they are, where they are
Are they satisfied
Are they introvert, extrovert, omnivert
Should I say HI
What causes me to hesitate?

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