Special Attention Unity Village Chapel

This blog post is not about how Rev Erin intellectually, artfully, poignantly, spot-on weaves stories and thoughts together on Sunday morning. Those life stories which brings us all together understanding love, understanding joy and often balling our eyes out before she sends us off with a knowing that we will survive the next minutes the next hour, the next few months with our challenges.

This little blog is a reminder about the option to log into zoom and be a part of Sunday service up close and personal with not only Steve Epley’s music, Rev Brandon and Rev Erin but US….those of us who meet together every Sunday morning. The richness is seeing each other’s faces! Now, of course, there is the option of turning your camera off for privacy but it doesn’t usually take long for newcomers to get comfortable once they see how everyone else shows up!

When life changed and we began quarantining because of the virus, I was pretty excited that we could still have a service on Facebook Live Streaming. But when the Zoom option came up, I didn’t understand how much more inclusive it would feel. Sunday mornings isn’t quite the same not meeting in the chapel but second best is greeting each other face to face as we participate in the zoom service and the 30 minute after service conversation with our Revs and each other!

I am here for you if you need assistance figuring out this zoom thing. Leave me a comment or FB message me and I will be happy to walk you through it. In fact there are a lot of us willing and able to help…please reach out.

Zoom service compared to Facebook Live streaming is like frosting on a cake!


One thought on “Special Attention Unity Village Chapel

  1. Glad you are being spiritually fed.


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