Opinion vs Judgment

At what point does personal opinion become judgement? As I have peeled off the layers, these thoughts have surfaced, Thoughts about people, thoughts about politics, thoughts about people “groups”, other people’s personal decisions, wardrobe decisions…mine and others, all things hair…color, cut, style. I have opinions about how people raise their kids, where people live…generally this involves extravagance. I often wonder if people are genuine, why they have a short fuse. What’s wrong with cruel people? I have all kinds of opinions….when does having an opinion become judgmental?

I think what I’ve figured out is:

    Judgment happens when I am insecure about myself.
  • Judgment happens when I have no control about the thing I’m judging
    It’s judgment when I attach an emotion to it

What am I missing in my thought process

  • Your opinions welcome!!
  • Please and thank you!

    One thought on “Opinion vs Judgment

    1. It’s judgment when you think you’re better than, or more deserving of….. I think you’ve got it all down. I can be too judgmental. The older I get though, maybe not “older” maybe just “life experience”, the more I find myself agreeing with what you said. It’s more about me than what I’m judging.


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