I’m pretty sure it was just last week

And I’m not talking about vacation. The semi-annual event of changing out the warm and cold weather wardrobe….also known as..the OMG I FORGOT I HAD THAT … THIS IS BETTER THAN SHOPPING event.

Fortunately being an empty nester pack rack, I have extra closets for the cyclical clothing exchange. As well as this huge tote big enough to bury a body in.

Please do not misunderstand. This tote is big but I can’t use all of it because there are several bottom layers of clothes I haven’t worn in 15 years that WILL fit me again…some day!

So far seems like the hot to cold transition here is going to be friendly. Trees around my nest don’t seem to be changing yet, although the early leafers have fallen off in a brown, crisp, twisted death….I look forward to the strong color changes around the neighborhood.

Happy Autumn!

5 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure it was just last week

  1. Oh the things we don’t know about the crap we put in our bodies!


  2. I love when that happens! My change of wardrobe isn’t going quite that well. I gave up on a whole lot of clothes in a cleaning out frenzy a few months ago. Like Get over it, Tami, they’re never going to fit you again, let them go. I did. And then I got my thyroid meds straightened out for the first time in years. I didn’t realize how much of the weight I had gained over the last few years was bloat, everywhere. Even my fingers and feet. So…all those jeans I donated would’ve fit me now and all the ones I kept are falling off. Figures doesn’t it.

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