My view this morning

Very light sprinkles this morning so we are hanging out in the trailer….well, I’m glued to my spot at the table with this view with the only excitement being if someone drives by, in or out…he, on the other hand, is checking out the other campers from his perch and just went outside to tie down the awning like the camper next door in case a wind gust or mini storm blows up.  I assume he will be in shortly to continue reading about knot tying.

He’s baaack

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Lebanon..antique shopping at our favorite store down here and then over to the sporting goods store at the “mall” (calling it a mall is a little grandiose).

He found me this beautiful sig saur .380 with black pearl grips.  It fits me much better than the one I currently use which was cheap and is difficult to break down as well as a very tight trigger.  I’m very excited to hit the shooting range.

I would assume that after lunch, he will be in the stream rain or shine.  He loves to fish in the rain.

So, that’s it for now, Dear Diary.

Until next time…..

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