Save it for retirement

How many thoughts, beliefs habits do we learn from our parents without even realizing it.  In those 18 years of breathing the same air as those who gave birth to us, we learn values, beliefs and habits.  Sometimes as adults, we realize the error of those ways or, unfortunately, we may just continue to do what we have been taught…right or wrong…and never break destructive cycles.  Other times I think something clicks and we realize that we need to alter the way we think so we set upon a road of  discovery….perhaps in our own minds we do this to save the next generation or more likely we just make changes because the learned habit or behavior just does not feel right.

…..and then sometimes something just sticks….like my dad’s mantra…I’m saving it for retirement.  Good clothes, boots, plans and dreams.  i.e. Dad was given an allowance by his employer for new boots every year….he bought boots….but he put them away for retirement and continued wearing his old boots.  Unfortunately when he passed, we cleaned out several pairs of unworn boots.  I learned from my mother to put your “good” clothes in the back of the closet so they are there when you need them and wear your faded clothes with stains around the house everyday so you don’t have to worry about ruining them.

I made inroads yesterday accompanied by an eye roll.  I needed to take food for a Labor Day gathering.  I pulled out the picnic basket (which I’ve had for many years…perhaps a wedding gift 38 years ago 🙄) and some hot pads I bought 20 years ago on a couple trips to Charleston, SC.  Yep.  they are in perfect condition because to keep them nice, I’ve used towels and cardboard boxes for food transport.

I realized yesterday….how silly this habit is and that I’m probably not normal…blame my parents!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Save it for retirement

  1. It’s funny how we don’t realize how much we are like our parents. Last week, for my birthday, my mom and I went to a Biggby (coffee shop). On the way back, I was showing her a real quick way back to my apartment. I told her to turn left at the next opportunity. She started to turn right into a parking lot behind a different apartment building. I instinctively said, “Other left.” She said that was exactly what my dad would have said. Nature plus nurture are a powerful combination.

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  2. My grandmother left me 2 beautiful quilts that her mother made. I knew she never used them because every so often she would take them out of storage to show them to me. And put them right back up. Telling me the secret to keeping them nice was every time you took them out, to fold them differently, to change the fold lines when you put them back. Because the other side of the family didn’t get a quilt, I gave one to my cousin, and told her to use it. She said she would try but she was just like Grandma. Do you know where mine is? That’s right, in storage. So yeah…. I get it. And I’m happy for you that you used that basket and those hot pads!!!

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  3. I have never heard that. My parents used everything. About the only thing that was rarely used were the good dishes and we just used them for the next holiday.

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