On my last nerve….light switches

Or more to the point ….. I question the placement of light switches….or even more to the point…I actually question muscle -memory or, in this case, memory-memory.

Just as a precursor, I have very limited spatial  skills.  This is not new.  I’ve always had an issue with right or left…something that is just instinct for most people.  Anyone that has ever spent any time with me in a car knows to use “your way” or “my way” as a direction….which is odd because I can look at a map and know left or right…this might be a surprising handicap for someone who worked 30 years as a dispatcher.  I also cannot load a car trunk or camping cooler efficiently to save my life.  So I’ve been really questioning myself on light switches…is it me or was it some type of practice joke by the person who placed them.

I give myself the excuse that I’m living in a different house.  I’m used to light switches being in a particular place for a particular use/convenience.  Using this theory, it seems the problem is just that I’ve always considered there is a “standard” placement.  I just now turned on the light in the garage (switch being on the laundry room wall)to throw a box into the recycling bin and kept swiping to shut off the the non existent light switch for the same light on the garage side of the wall.  I do the same thing in the master bedroom bathroom.  The light switch is on the inside wall of the master bath which isnt really a bathroom but more of a transition room with no door…..two sinks and tub with doors to the closet and toilet/shower areas.  Both of which have their own light switches…on the outside wall so you don’t have to reach around to find these switches. I constantly reach for a non existent light switch on the bedroom wall as I walk into the bathroom.

This is starting to mildly irritate me and the fix is either 1)accept that I might just have a short circuit, or 2)in the grand scheme of things is there no standard or 3)is it worth asking him to add more lights switches, or even 4) perhaps motion sensitive lights throughout the house so I can just mindlessly roam without any responsibility?

Until next time……

3 thoughts on “On my last nerve….light switches

  1. I vote motion sensors! 😀


  2. Hilarious. Maybe kinda like being dyslexic (the cow that says,”Ooooommmmm”). If it’s not too much hassle for him, why not ask for them to be moved/added? We all have our handicaps we have to work around and be annoyed with. Everyone’s brain works differently.

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  3. Anything for which we don’t have to accept responsibility should be welcome at this point in life:)!

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