Pulling out of the parking lot

Had a totally amazing, loving girls weekend!  We ate well, shopped especially well, laughed, reminisced, cried and totally connected. I see Susie frequently but haven’t spent quality time with Lennie since we were kids and I was so surprised at how much alike we are….I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if we spent a lot of time together, our daughters would have to come up with bail!  One little event which keeps me giggling….at one of the exits off the interstate there is a LOT of dried grass with really cool tops on them.  As we were driving by, I said wow I want to stop and cut some of that off to take home…Lennie said yes ….Susie said no…I don’t want end up on Channel 13 news when they post the mug shots.  JUst like when we were as kids!

The pictures above are my two old stained glass windows I got from Lennie’s sister house and we are going to put them in the windows in my house.  They actually came from an old house her nephew bought in Kansas City.  

She told me she had them after I admired the stained glass windows at West End Salvage in Des Moines.  In case you are familiar with West End Salvage from the one season it was a featured show on HGTV.  The head guy who is now referred to as The Sexy Guy #Susie was willing to pose for pictures with all 3 of us.

Also….I got this cool flag with 48 stars.  I didn’t notice until I got home that the date 1947 was written in pencil on the bottom stripe.

As far as pulling out of the parking lot…..I pulled out of the Jasper County Sheriff parking lot….as an employee….for the last time 3 years ago today…..and never looked back!  Happy 3 years retirement to me ❤💫

Until next time….

One thought on “Pulling out of the parking lot

  1. Glad you’re enjoying retirement and good friends.


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