It was a choice I made…

I frequently find myself mental flapping with regret about things I should have done or things I should have said.  You know…..the past.  Just as I think I’ve about to let go of the past, something pops into my head and I have to ruminate about it for awhile….that only causes dredging up the things from the past that I wish I would have done differently.  some of those things are a consequence of my upbringing ….as in I HAD NO IDEA THAT I WAS FREE TO MAKE THAT DECISION BASED ON MY OWN NEEDS.  I was raised to be a people pleaser and peace maker from a young age so I carried that into young and old adulthood believing that I had to make decisions to make others happy and knowing that I could just make it work.

Enter my new mantra….I made decisions in my past based on my knowledge and circumstances at the time.

I can spend a lot of time thinking about and wishing I had done things differently…but it is the past.  I made decisions based on my knowledge and circumstances at the time.  Just as I’m free to do today and tomorrow.

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “It was a choice I made…

  1. I know how you feel. I used to make decisions based on what what “seemed to be a good idea.” Famous last words. What I wanted and needed simply never entered the picture. Every day is a new day.

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  2. Good thing to be reminded of.


  3. I have similar thoughts, feelings, regrets, too. I would love to free myself from them so that I can go ahead with today and tomorrow…..

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