The craft room

Moved all of the furniture into my new craft room yesterday.  We can barely walk today although he decided to go out and walk the mower around so his muscles will be stretched and fluid while mine are seized up sitting on the Davenport.  We brought the daybed downstairs so anyone visiting will have a little more privacy and it freed up the upstairs bedroom to make it the official grand baby play room.

Still have lot of work to do organizing and sorting and hanging.

We covered the floor with large remnants of carpet from Menards…$1.98 apiece.  Reasonably nice pieces with foam backing and I’m very happy with how well they are laying down.  Used no adhesive because I want to be able to lift them out when I’m using paint.  I think this is going to be a wonderful area to double down on yoga and meditation….quiet and private.

Life is good.

Until next time……

6 thoughts on “The craft room

  1. looks like such an inviting space to create!


  2. Like the idea of a grandkid playroom. Maybe the cats can have access to some of the improvements. The beds look like good places to loaf.


  3. What a great room! I love the carpet squares. How nice that you will have a grandkid playroom upstairs now. You always have such great decorating ideas!


  4. a Queen’s castle 🙂 it looks awesome really. wishing you to have many productive and lovely days in the room

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  5. Very nice I like the day bed. And what a great idea with the carpet squares! Now you’ll have to show up all the things you create in there. 🙂


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