Color my world

Sitting in Jax’s room playing with Legos yesterday, I looked up at the wall

and realized how much I love color.  I think there are color people and people who don’t give it a moments thoughts.  I’m very sensitive to color and it can change my mood or make me feel safe.  I have a particular preference for bright and bold colors over light and pastels.  Pastels actually bore me…I also love contrast colors explaining why I like black.  Black with white, black with yellow, black with pink………….

I love this little corner of my kitchen…the metal wall hanging matching the pitchers

A couple pictures hanging in my house

The corner of this shelf in my dish cupboard

It’s hard for me to feel I need to apologize for my collections because most of them burst with color….except my elephants…although I do have some happy colored elephants!

And I love my cats…all of them…not just these two…but this picture is just too cute.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Color my world

  1. Love the colorful feline art. It just makes one feel good.

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  2. My lvr paint chip was an awesome taupe. But after it was painted, there is soooo much light it looks white. I have to be sure when it is repainted because he is getting sick of painting.


  3. Do you remember the name of that purple color? I’d like to look that up for the girls’ room.


  4. I love all your colors. I’m with you on the palette I prefer. I especially love that first one. Beautiful! I painted the living area of my house a light green to lighten it up as it’s dark in here, but it mostly looks white and i hate it. Just haven’t gotten around to redoing it. Great pics!!


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