He had to remind me yesterday that two years ago we made a significant move….and really the only thing that has been lost, lost not just misplaced or waiting to be found in the bottom of a tote, is a cord for the wii. Wuuuuuut  He suggested last night that we pull out the wii and play some Guitar Hero.  All the games and accessories found in the wii tote, 16 batteries tossed, new rechargeable batteries inserted, thorough dusting of the guitars and piano weeeeee but I could not find the wii to TV connector cord.  Waaaaaaa.  A new one through Amazon for $6.50 will be here Monday.  The only other thing permanently lost are his hearing aids…..and I’m very suspicious of that little fact.  btw….I’m also missing a pair of purple tennis shoes…not lost in the move…just lost…this has sent me on more than one rescue missions and quite frankly, I’m just going to buy another pair….wooooot.

Watched The Martian movie last night instead…I’m not a Matt Damon fan which coincidentally is who He would want to play him in a movie….that’s uncomfortable…picture this…Matt Damon and Kathy Bates as us.  I must say Damon played the part very well.  And I also must say the black guy that didn’t get nominated for an Oscar was really well played also.

today?  Well my Sunday morning news shows, finishing my book and the Super Bowl.  I’m so torn…I would like to see Peyton win his last Super Bowl,but am not a Broncos fan…have never paid attention to the Panthers before but so many sappy stories have come out about the panthers, I may have to quietly root for them…even though they don’t need me….I think they will win Super Bowl 50.

Until next time….Go Chiefs

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  1. I hope the panthers win, but I have no dog in this race. Probably won’t even watch it. So purple sneaker huh? Cool! I haven’t place guitar hero in ages, used to love playing that.
    The Martian, I read the book first and it got boring in parts because they went into SO much detail about what he did to mcguyver things to work. My husband probably would’ve loved that part. I didn’t care, I was just like ok, genius now get on with the story. SO, you would’ve thought I’d love the movie since all of that was left out, but I didn’t. Too much other stuff was also left out. I am a HUGE Mat Damon fan. Love him, but strangely even tho I knew he was in the movie AS I read the book, I still kept picturing Kevin Bacon as I read it. Huston, we have a problem. haha

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  2. Have you read the book? Very good.


  3. Argh. I lost my whole immensely witty comment. πŸ˜‰ So as I was saying, I’m okay with whoever wins ’cause I still have to get up and put my pants on one leg at a time and drive to my Podunk job in another weather system heading this way making a fraction of what every one of them makes. Either story line is pretty great – for each team. It’s nice not being personally invested. I would love to see Peyton win, and then retire a winner. I would also like to see Carolina shut up their critics who have been nothing short of uber critical and borderline racist. Either way – I’ll probably go to bed before it’s over.
    Chiefs will be back in the thick of it again next year.
    I probably have every single wii accessory you could probably ever hope to want. (A would at least)
    I have the Martian book – haven’t started reading it yet. Went a little nuts with my new Kindle at Christmas. I have about 6 or 7 audio books and maybe 12 new books to get too.

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    • I like being uninvested too. I’ve always been a Colts fan…ill never forget the year the Colts played the Bears. We had a Super Bowl party with mostly Bears fans attending …. Now that was awkward!

      I hear the movie left out a bunch from the book. It was a good movie. I seldom like a movie after I’ve read the book. Books are always better.

      Stay warm and keep your head above the snow!!

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