During the off-season in Oklahoma (after Labor Day) things change. Not only does the largest and most active marina not rent boats after Labor Day but many shops in Eufala and restaurants along the lake are closed on Monday.  This could easily turn into a rant:

Look at the faces on these people!

And the loneliness that abounds

The “young thing” working the marina yesterday surely knew yesterday, when we stopped in to inquire about boat rentals, that the season was over.  DUH!


We did find a place in another cove a few miles away that still rents pontoons…so all is not lost.  This fact will save us a lot of energy.  Gena had a plan..she would stand on the dock and thumb a ride from a passing private owned pontoon, meanwhile the other three of us would tread water until she got their attention.  We would then climb aboard and take it over.  Arrrrrrr, Matey!

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “APPARENTLY

  1. The first photo looks like it’s from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. I think those three just came out of pods. Do they seem like the same people you left Missouri with? Do they share inappropriate memories with you or speak in a sort of monotone? I think you need to test them. If they seem confused by your questions, you might want to quietly leave. Did you see any large husks by the bed or maybe in the garbage that seemed large enough to hold a human? Check the garbage. You cannot be too careful. If they leave their sunglasses on inside, that’s a dead give away. You have been warned. Take care!

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