What is under the sheets?

I think it is a chigger.  Although, it is quite possible that I carry the little vermin around with me…somehow… considering the amount of bites I have.  I also suspect chiggers because of the location of those bites…around undergarments and in the nether regions.  I don’t understand the life cycle or the habits of these little bastards but I’m so over it.  Every morning when I get up – I have another itch!  and, of course, these are not places you can scratch in public like, say, a mosquito bite….and it’s not like I don’t shower and scrub to rid myself of them!  gaawwwww!

We removed a cabinet (that I got with gold bond stamps in the 70’s) from the guest bedroom last night and I had to unload my wonderful collection of family memorabilia – namely old quilts.  Every time I see these quilts, I re-aquaint myself with the quilts and the notes my mother left on them so I know what they are and who made them.  I have never used one of them because I didn’t want to wear them out or damage them because, after all, they are family history.  Today, I changed my way of thinking.

When I’m gone, these quilts will go to my daughters…and while I’m guessing they will like quilts, I know they will not be able to appreciate the heritage.  I’m the one who heard the stories about these long past ancestors.  Even though I never met them, I am the one who will feel closest to them because of the stories and the visits to the cemeteries where they are buried and I always feel a pull wondering about their stories … their loves, their hates, their souls.



So…tonight..we will be sleeping under the love of my great grandmother, Sarah Cozine Brown.  I will be comforted by my great grandmother as I slumber…and so will the chiggers.

Until next time….

7 thoughts on “What is under the sheets?

  1. I am a believer that they live under the skin and have used the fingernail polish method. I have not seen research the proves otherwise. They can come in the house on clothes and animals. They like tight spots as you mentioned and will bite in rows. Is the man of the house chigger bite free?

    Perhaps they hitched a ride with the ants?

    Had some ancient quilts. Used them. Wore them out. What good is a quilt unless you use them? What you running down there? A museum? Maybe they had ancient chigger eggs on them.

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  2. They are so small that you can’t see them. I once believed that they took residence under your skin in the tiny lump they leave and we used to put fingernail polish on them to smother them. I still think that works but apparently I was misinformed…they just bite and move on to other parts!


  3. Chiggers are evil! I had a lot of bites in Iowa the last year…and now here I am…in Missouri where it is too hot for everything…EXCEPT CHIGGERS!


  4. I have never heard of chiggers. I had to go google them. Is it a seasonal thing? Can you get rid of them? I so love quilts. How wonderful that you have them! 🙂

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  5. I’ve only heard of chiggers. Thankfully, I have not met them in person. I hope you can find the source of your irritation and get rid of it.

    The quilt is beautiful. I love quilts that are handmade and have history.

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