My name is Nina and I kill ants…

I started out this ant season just smashing them with my thumb or washing them down the sink…we put a little Taro (or is it Tero) out in the kitchen covered with a corn cob serving dish so the cats couldn’t get to it.  Worked like a charm…at first they all gathered but then they took the poison back to their little homes and killed their families.

Then the freeway opened up in the bathroom.  They were rushing from a little, tiny, teeny hole in the tile, down on the bathtub and over to our sinks.  A couple at first and then they brought friends and then I noticed there was a stream of them going both ways.  So I put out Taro.

This is disgusting!


For almost 24 hours.

He went out to spray ant killer outside and I think it is helping – he actually grabbed the weed b gone the first time – that application did nothing.  He is also very happy when I tell the story on social media.  It seems one or the other has made the travel dangerous for them as the freeway traffic has slowed…I’m through with this whole bug thing this summer!!  aackkkkk

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “My name is Nina and I kill ants…

  1. Your dry humor makes me laugh the most. I get it!


  2. Get some boric acid at the drug store. Mix it up 50/50 with some sugar. add just enough water to make a paste. Use it instead of the terro. Let the ants swarm it for two or three days. They have to take it back to the nest to feed the evil queen…I think her name is Hillary. Anyway, after the queen ingests a bit and kicks the bucket, the colony will break up and go elsewhere…probably the living room…just kidding…seriously, it will work.

    If you are wanting to kill ants outside, use diatomacious earth…available at finer home improvement centers everywhere…sprinkle it liberally (you know that word) on the ant hill. It will not hurt flowers, grandchildren or Phils, but it will kill the ants. It’s a powder made out of crushed diatom shells. They have microscopically sharp edges, impervious to us, but like rolling in razor blades for the ants. They gradually lose all their body moisture due to death by 10000 cuts. Again, give it 3 or 4 days. The best part is that it will stay in the soil for awhile and so prevents a return later.


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