Cops vs black America….

I have been so torn about how I feel about the police vs the black community.  I will always give the police the benefit of the doubt…until you have had that adrenalin rush and rush of initial fear when having to deal with the scum of our society (white, black, yellow, purple or orange) and not knowing if they are on drugs, have weapons, want to kill a cop, want a cop to kill them, or just have a nasty disposition…I hesitate to blame a cop.  When I mention scum of society, do not misunderstand…I’m not talking about race here.  I’m just putting it out there – there are scum that most of us don’t have to deal with on a regular basis.  But the cops…ya…pretty much every day!  If you went to work every day and really didn’t know if you were going to make it home at the end of your shift, you would not be so quick to judge their actions.

But, I believe there are dirty cops.  I don’t question at all that a small percentage of cops are in it because they wanna be somebody, have a mean streak and they need to be in control of something.  Thus their innocent victims.

But this white cop vs black thing has me questioning everything I believe.

I’m not black.

The more stories I hear about apparent racism – cops picking on black people -has opened my eyes to see another side of this issue.  I believe America has a problem.  Perhaps the black person does grow up fearing cops and have not been treated equal to the white person.  I admit that I really don’t know because I’ve always looked through eyes from a white body and white perspective.  But there is something there…we are hearing it over and over again…different actors but same storyline.

One thing I do not understand is why you would riot and burn up your own nest because you are pissed off at the cops.  This seems to me to be irrational, uncontrolled, unintelligent anger.  Watching this savage violence makes me jump over the right-wrong line to – well why wouldn’t cops be extra vigilant and have an anger issue when they are forced to protect what these people are obviously not wise enough to realize what they are doing and what they are destoying?

What about the cops that are killed…what about the hispanics that are dealt a bad hand.  Where’s the violence when something happens to one of their own.  Where is the damn news media with their cameras and gas cans throwing fuel on the fire?

It’s going to be a slow process to unite America.  There are more than 2 sides to this problem.  This hatred wasn’t conceived or grown in a day and it will be a long time before we see peace.  But, I hope both sides just stop the violence!

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Cops vs black America….

  1. It’s not a real issue here in Iowa, but cops are getting way outta control and it’s not just in the Black community, though I believe it’s a major problem there. In California, they have tazered 80+ old ladies that would not take their medication. There have been multiple instances of swat teams shooting the family dogs when the dogs were controlled by the owner and the swat team was in the wrong house anyway. It is also apparently easy to get someone’s house raided. If you don’t like your neighbor, drop a dime on them with a false accusation about drugs. Swat teams get bolos and move without proof of wrong doing. They can seize your property without due process and they can keep it and auction it, even if your are acquitted or the accusations was proven false. Local police have in many, many locations been federalized. Even small town police departments can receive federal aid in terms of surplus hardware and I’m not talking about mere guns and police squad cars. I am talking urban assault vehicles and even small tanks.

    I am also sick and tired of random check points where the innocent citizenry is subjected to unconstitutional search and seizures of their motor vehicles and persons without warrants. It needs to end. Threatening the law abiding and instilling them with fear is no way to run a police force or police a community. If you want to catch criminals, go to where the criminals are and catch them.

    Part of the problem is that entrance and testing standards for police academies and departments were lowered on federal and local levels. Admittance of men and women to PD’s that have lower IQ’s and lower moral standards creates a police force that is much like what the TSA has at airports. Losers that like to play cop…you know what I’m talking about…

    And I will shut up now….sorry…had an attack of opinion


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