Under the heading .. 6 degrees of separation

Several friends and I have talked about my uncanny connection to people through friends of friends of friends.  For whatever reason, I’ve always known I have a quick mind and it has enhanced my ability to draw from my hard drive and put two and two together…I get total pleasure making a friendship with someone and then bring all the pieces together with someone else we have in common.  It may be an only child thing?  I don’t know…other only children may understand.

I recently built on a connection…the people who bought our house in Newton were known to me from living in Newton for so many years.  She actually is my friend, Gena’s hairstylist..so that was fun.  She and I eventually became Facebook friends.  One day I saw a communication between Melonee, the hairstylist, and a Marcy Blenderman Davidson about a painting class – which seems to be very popular now.  My mind shot back 40 years to being in High School shorthand class and one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Blenderman.  I remembered, somehow, that she had mentioned her daughter, Marcy, for whatever reason – probably because she was in the same age group.  I immediately sent Marcy a private message and asked if she was Mrs. Blenderman’s daughter…she friended me on Facebook.  I LOVED it!!!

This morning, I remembered that there was a yearbook picture of Mrs. Blenderman and I in 1974…


That’s what I’m thinking about today.

Until next time…..

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