The people we ask to have a seat in our life…..

I have quite a few people in my life that I can call friend.  Friends come and go physically in my life.  They are here and then they move away and with each one I have experienced a huge loss.  There are people I have called friends who were not really my friend – they are gone and I try to forgive and release the anger for my lack of awareness…but I never forget.  I’ve now moved away physically and I know how that feels to those I left…and now that I have made the move…I also understand the need for a different sunrise and sunset. 

I have a friend who is the most positive person in my life.  I think of her as a life coach…someone who always expects the best of me but picks me up and says what I need to hear when I’m down-under.  She keeps me real.  She was attacked by cancer a couple of years ago and beat it.  All through her ordeal, she was very open about her treatment…her emotional state…and in a way took care of all of us who were dealing with our own emotional pain because of her ball to the gut!  Recently she found out she is headed down the road again.  Cancer.  I’m pretty sure she knew the cancer would come back and has worked mentally and physically to get herself in shape in order to take on this next hurdle.  When she let us all know that she got a bad diagnosis, I told her that I wanted the strength she has and I want to be where she is….then I grounded to a complete stop and realized that I did not want to go through what she has gone through to be where she is.  Does that make sense.  She’s locked and loaded again.  Her advice is DON’T WASTE TIME.  Do what you need to do – NOW.  Don’t put it off – get healthy, be who you want to be right now…don’t put it off.  Don’t waste time! 

I love you, Tracy.  I love who you are and am so thankful I found you 7 years ago on Xanga.

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “The people we ask to have a seat in our life…..

  1. I think Tracy and her journey helped prepare us for our journey.

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  2. 🙂 We are so fortunate! Thank goodness for Xanga so we could all meet each other!

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  3. I love that picture! Even in that picture, she is a ray of sunshine in that picture.


  4. You are soooo right, MB! We are very lucky to have each other!!!


  5. She really is quite a person. I’m glad we all found each other. Each of us brings something wonderful to the friendships.


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