With tears in my eyes….

I walked out of the radio room after having worked my last day with Kim…27 years of dealing with the public’s continuing stream of drama together…oh…we have had our own drama…oh….and there are personal things we have shared which have always and will always remain just between Nina and Kim.  I know this because we have both been under anesthesia and neither one of us spilled.  For 27 years she has been the Zig to my Zag…the one person who knows every one of my secrets and I’m pretty confident that I know hers.  It hurt like HELL!  In fact, reliving the day in my mind right now, tears are dripping.  We did not come up with a plan to stay close with 4 hours of travel time between us…but we have to come up with something.  I took this picture of our cars parked in the parking lot.  This is the way it always looks..I’m headed in and she’s headed out.  We’ve got it covered! 


That is it for now.  I have to stay busy.

3 thoughts on “With tears in my eyes….

  1. I can’t imagine moving away from everything but you are moving to family so that helps. Give yourself time to adjust. Once you are finally all there, you will find your rhythm.

    Like Tracy said technology will help you keep in contact with your BFF. I bet it isn’t too far for a visit when you want to hang out.

    Good luck! Congrats!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Nina….Retirement is AWESOME. Enjoy….


  3. I’m afraid for you I have to say congrats and I’m sorry all in the same comment. I think that’s the nicest thing about technology, the capability to stay in touch easily and daily with people we aren’t physically close to anymore.


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