Someone asked in a post somewhere, sometime ago who they thought should play them in the movie of their life.  I chose Kathy Bates.

I’m waiting for the rigatoni to finish and I have broccoli in the microwave – he’s sick today and this is about the first meal that I’ve had to cook since Christmas.  He – the angel – said about the time he retired from the correctional facility that he would do the grocery shopping and do the cooking…he appreciated all of the meals I had cooked over the lifetime of our marriage and he would take over….awesome.  I can hear all of you.

He has had a head cold for a couple of days – and the melaleuca stirred up feelings of the flu last night – he was in dire straits – right to the bathroom..says he is better today but is pretty quiet and doing a lot of resting.  He is not your typical man when he is sick.

With all of that being said…I can’t get Kathy Bates and James Caan off my mind tonight….capiche?

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “MISERY!

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  2. Yes Ghog…Michael C Hall!! He’s not going to be able to get to the doctor *singsong voice and there are reasons!


  3. Phil, get up and go to the doctor. Have them check for heavy metals and arsenic. Your broccoli may not be all broccoli if you know what I mean.

    I would want Michael C Hall to play me in the movie I think. “Six Feet Under” and “Dexter” should have more than prepared him for the role. He’s a red head too. You have to do it right.


  4. Poor Phil. I am currently in a hotel room with my Katy dashing to the loo every once in a while to vomit. Hoping its food, not flu! Go tuck a blanket around his feet and tell him its from me. ☺


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