uh huh

I’m guessing there will be more pictures of this:


than beach sunset pictures today.  When I took this picture before getting out of the car this morning, I was thinking about being in Chicago a few years ago when I took a picture of the car thermostat in Craig and Mary Beth’s minivan which was a hair over 100…and I took this picture some time this summer


I think we are all feeling like we are part of a little bit of history – the extremes – someday 30 years from now, we can all talk about that day in January when all of the schools were closed in Iowa because of the cold…40 to 50 below windchill…does anyone else listen to the record highs and lows on the news or read about them and try to remember back to that day – hmmm what was I doing or hmmmm seems like I should remember that extreme temp.  I still frequently compare school closings for heat and cold and feel a rant coming on because you do know that I walked to the bus stop up hill both ways in knee deep snow and with bare legs at 14 below…yes…there was a time back in my childhood that little girls were not allowed to wear pants to school – only dresses.  Barbaric.

Be safe …..

Until next time….


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