I fear that my big toe has grown…

Just the toe on my left foot.  Everything appears normal, shoes fit fine…but twice this week I have stubbed it while walking…not your normal kind of stub…I stubbed it on the floor while walking…bent it under…flat surface…owie…..I had heard that as you age, your ear lobes and nose might grow and I knew the nipple line was not going to be a benchmark for someone doing CPR on me…but my toe?

Had a reasonably good 48 hours alone.  He went with his brother down to the Missouri house to meet the carpet measure-er and seal the grout in the kitchen.  I stayed in bed all day yesterday and watched the first season of Parenthood.  I did have to move from side to side occasionally…I went to sleep at 9pm and woke up at 4…4am wide awake…so i decided to get to work…took an epson salt/lavender bath(thanks, Kimba)…haven’t taken a bath for quite some time…got dressed – although I probably didn’t need to – and went to Walmart to get a few groceries.  I put the cold things in the refrigerator in the Walmart sack because I could…apparently not removing things from the sack before putting them in the fridge is frowned upon…so he says.  I’ve been cleaning and taking intermitant breaks to watch some episodes of Parenthood season 2.

He’ll be home soon.

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “I fear that my big toe has grown…

  1. As we age, we do not raise our feet as high as we did when we were younger. By the time we are 75, we develop that Tim Conway shuffle. We barely lift our feet at all. It just get worse and worse.

    So much to look forward to. There’s arthritis, liver spots and my favorite…wait for it….senility. Getting old should be a hoot. I think i’ll move to Colorado to get old. You can get a special medicine there that helps you forget about all that and enjoy the last years.


  2. Poor big toe! I really hope toes don’t grow as you get older. My toes are so big!


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