Waking up in a different bed!

My non-traditional life or should I say my pre-retirement state of mind or should I say having my “stuff” in two completely different houses in two completely different states is obviously messing with my psyche.  When I awaken and stir, I don’t know where I am.  Am I in Iowa or am I in Missouri.  This can happen more than one time a night.  Talk about out of whack…a couple of weeks ago when we were in Florida, I added that complication for 5 nights.  I’m not in Iowa, I’m not in Missouri….OH.

The only other time I’ve had this nocturnal confusion was after my dad died.  Every single night I would wake up…not know where I was and think I was on a ship.  One of the things going on in my life which sent me to counseling.

I wonder if this is how people with dementia or alzheimers feel when they wake up without the assurance that once their brain kicks in, they will know where they are, what year it is or who they are.  I’m going to say it probably is and I’m so sorry for their fear!

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Waking up in a different bed!

  1. Seriously after I talked it out with her,the dreams stopped….while distracting, these dream,s do not scare me or make me sad


  2. I’m sorry, that’s very disorientating. Did the counselor give you any insight into why it was happening after your Dad died? I can’t make the connection in my head.


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